This is from the Fall 2013 version of the course. For the most recent version, try


Rust Kernel Timer Frequency Challenge

Write a Rust program that estimates the kernel timer interrupt frequency. (Opened in Class 4.)

Solved! (1 October 2013) Here is Wil Thomason's code:

Multi-Threaded MapReduce Challenge

Write a multi-threaded, functional map-reduce. (Opened in Class 10.)

Making the new MacBook Payoff

Write a program that runs at least 20x faster on my new MacBook Pro than it runs on my old MacBook Air. (Opened in Class 10.)

Clarification: Several students suggested clever ways to do this that involve first identifying the machine you are running on (e.g., use uname -a) and then running different code based on that. This is worthy of some respect, but not enough to satisfy the intent of the challenge.