This is from the Fall 2013 version of the course. For the most recent version, try


Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a protocol for real-time text chat. IRC is even older than HTTP, but its simplicity and openness make it popular with programmers (as well as criminals).

We will use the IRC server hosted by Mozilla at This hosts the official IRC channel ("chat room") for Rust, rust. You will find this a useful resource to follow discussions about Rust as well as to ask your own questions. Many of the developers of the Rust language are active in the IRC channel. You should be courteous and respectful in participating in IRC. Part of being respectful is to put some effort into solving a problem yourself before posting it in the chat room.

We will use the cs4414 chat room for course-specific discussions. You should probably try asking for help there for most questions before trying the rust chat room.

You can also set up your own chat rooms, which may be useful when you are working in project teams.

To use IRC, you need to install an IRC client. See for a list of IRC clients.