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Your project can be on any topic you want, so long as it satisfies at least two of the desired properties discussed in Class 16:

You probably can’t maximize all of these! It is okay to sacrifice one or two of them to increase others. A good project should be strong on at least 2 of these, which is much better than being mediocre of all four.


You may work in a team of any size, and it is fine to include people who are not in the class on your team. The impressiveness of your project should scale with at least the square root of the number of class participants on your project team. For most projects, a teams size of 3-5 people is ideal. You should be wary of the extra management overhead required for a team of more than three people to work effectively, and if you have a large team need to think of good ways to divide and manage your combined efforts.


Monday, 4 November at 11:59pm: Project Idea Form (perliminary)

Week of 18 November: Project Design Reviews

(Depending on your design review and plan, additional intermediate deliverables may be scheduled.)

5 December: Project Demos (last day of class)


If you need help finding an idea for your project, here are some ideas. But, don't limit your creativity based on the suggestions there. Also take a look at the examples from Class 16.