Problem Set 3 Benchmarking

Posted: Fri 28 February 2014

As discussed in class today, Exam 2 will not be next week as originally scheduled. Students who prefer pre-planned scheduling over on-demand scheduling, however, have the option to take the exam as originally scheduled (instead of the postponed exam which will be sometime after Spring Break, possibly as late as the end of the semester). If you wish to do this, let me know by Friday (28 February).

Problem Set 3 is due by 11:59pm on Wednesday, 5 March (note this is a two-day extension from the original due date).

Part of the reason for the extension is to provide extra time to hopefully enable every team to get their server running in EC2 (which is also necessary for benchmarking submission). Follow these directions to set up your server running on an EC2 instance.

The benchmarking server for Problem Set 3 is now accepting submissions. To submit your zhtta server, you need to set it up running on an EC2 instance and submit the URL to the benchmarking server. (This is the only autograding that will be done for PS3; there will also be a submission form for you to submit your github repo URL and answer some questions in advance of your scheduled demo.)

You can see the best results so far on the Leaderboard.

Problem Set 3 demos will be held on Thursday, 6 March and Friday, 7 March. The sign-up schedule will be posted in a few days.