PS3 Demos and Submission

Posted: Sun 02 March 2014

The signup form for PS3 demos is now available. Please sign up for a time that works for your team soon. You should fill in all team members, including their email IDs in the form.

Here is what you need to do to submit PS3:

  1. Submit the PS3 Submission Form (by 11:59pm on Wednesday, 5 March).

  2. Sign-up for a PS3 Demo. Demos will be held on Thursday (6 March) and Friday (7 March). You should sign-up for a demo time by 4:59pm on Wednesday, 5 March.

  3. Submit your server for benchmarking. To prepare for benchmarking, see Setting up your Zhtta Server on EC2 for directions for how to set up your Zhtta server running on EC2.

  4. Within 24 hours of finishing your demo, each team member shoud invidually submit the PS3 Assessment Form. Everyone should have submitted this form by Saturday, 8 March, but you should submit it shortly after your demo while things are fresh in your mind.