Amazon EC2

One way to do the assignments for cs4414 is to use an Amazon EC2 instance. You should be able to do everything you need for this course using the free tier of EC2. An advantage of using EC2 is you will be able to easily set up servers you develop in this class that are visible to the rest of the Internet.

  1. Visit and click "Create Free Account". Follow the instructions provided to create your Amazon EC2 account.

  2. Once you are signed up, Click "My Account/Console" on the upper right hand corner of the screen followed by "AWS Management Console".

  3. In the AWS Management Console, click on "EC2" on the left hand side. You should now be in the EC2 dashboard.

  4. Click "Launch Instance".

  5. Scroll down and select Ubuntu Server 13.10.

  6. Optional: Click "Next" twice until you get to the Add Storage menu. Change the size of the server to 30 GB.

  7. Click Review and Launch, and then Launch.

  8. When prompted for a keypair,

    1. Coose "Create a New Keypair".
    2. Give it a name like "keypair", and download the resulting pem file.
    3. Click Launch Instance.
  9. Click on the id, which looks like "i-5c..." and note the Public DNS field of your instance. This is the ssh address you will be using to connect to your ec2 server, while providing keypair.pem as a key.

  10. Open up your favorite ssh client and enter the Public DNS field as the address to connect to and your keypair.pem as the key. Node: If you're ssh'ing on UNIX, keep in mind that the permissions for the keyfile must be set to 400. You can do this with "chmod 400 keypair.pem".

    To ssh in UNIX, the command will be (with your instance address instead of the one used here):

    ssh –i keypair.pem

  11. Execute the following two lines in your command shell to install rust:

    wget sudo sh

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