Internet Relay Chat

Getting Started with Github
Working on Github in cs4414


Amazon EC2
Setting up your Zhtta Server on EC2

Rust Tutorials

Welcome to Rust!
Getting Started: Variables, Functions, and Syntax
Starting to Corrode: Pointers, Memory, Strings, and I/O

Tasks and Communication
Arcs and Sharing Memory

Problem Sets

Problem Set 0: Getting Started
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Problem Set 1: zhttpo web server
Problem Set 2: gash shell
     Reference Solution
Problem Set 3: Zhtta server
     Reference Solution
Problem Set 4: IronKernel



Exam 1
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Exam 2



Class 1: What is an Operating System?
Class 3: Zero to a Billion in 4.86 Years
Class 4: Once Upon a Process
Class 5: Gash Has No Privileges (Shells and Processes)
Class 6: Making a Process (Virtualizing Memory)

Class 8: Memory Management
Class 9: Pointers in Rust
Class 10: SSL, Sharing, Scheduling
Class 11: Smarter Scheduling
Class 12: Scheduling in Linux and Web Servers
Class 13: The Internet
Class 14: Entering Ring Naught
Class 15: IronKernel Developers Class 16: Storage