Note that it is still possible to win a challenge after the first solution is posted, if you come up with a solution that is substantially better or comparably good but different enough to be interesting.

Page Fault Challenge

Opened in Class 6:

Challenge: Write a program that takes N as an input and produces (nearly) exactly N page faults. A good solution is worth a USS Hopper patch (even cooler than a Rust sticker!) or an exemption from Exam 1 or Exam 2.

Michael Recachinas solved the Page Fault Challenge! (Solution presented in Class 7.)

His code and results are here:

Concurrent Collatz Challenge

Opened in Class 7:

Challenge: Write a substantially better find_collatz program that makes good use of all available cores, and always produces the correct result. (In class, I said it had to run 6 times faster than the single-threaded version on an 8-core machine, but if it is close to getting a good speedup and using an effective strategy to keep all the cores busy doing useful work nearly all the time that is good enough.)

Loren Fryxell solved the Concurrent Collatz Challenge! (Solution presented in Class 8.)

His code is here:

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