Posted: Tue 22 April 2014

Here is the schedule for Project Presentations. You should plan a presentation that conveys your project well and is interesting for the audience. You can include a demo if you want and/or project slides describing your project.

Thursday, 24 April

Each team presenting Thursday will have up to 15 minutes to present (which includes some time for questions).

Archibald Elliott, Esteban Amas, Chun Wang, Nathan Typanski, Michael Peterson
Raft Distributed Consensus Protocol

Matt Pearson-Beck, Jeff Principe, Richard Knoll, Arjun Shankar, Tanya Art, Brian Whitlow
Regular Expressions in Rust

Loren Fryxell

Emily Seibert, Kevin Hoffman, Kristen Felsing
Rust Auto-Completion in Sublime

Jay Ashe, Matt Bloom, Steph Colen, Axel Tarnvik
Collaborative Music Application

Tuesday, 29 April

Each team presenting Tuesday will have up to 4 minutes to present. (Topics to be added later.)

Chris Grochmal, Audrey Choi, Mark Valieras, Tommy Curley, Maggie Orr
Anat Gilboa, Jyotiska Biswas
Man Wang, Hangchen Qu, Zihao Wang
Brian Uosseph, Raymond Vargas
Patrick Ryan, Dan O'Connor, David Laden
Piyapath Siratarnsophon, Kamonphop Srisopha, Peeratham Techapalokul, Phanwadee Sinthong
James Wang, Mitchell Smith
Megan Kelly, Rainier Rabena
Muntaser Ahmed, Andrew Becker, Gautam Kanumuru
Andy Barron, Christine Danzi, Ami Jagodara, Alex Kuck
Jacob Baldwin, Stephen Boris, Garrett Durig, Karen Pan
Alex Looney, Ankit Gupta, Michael Paris, Babak Pourkazemi
Justin Ingram, Vikram Bhasin, Alex Aberman, Justin Dao
Britton Vermaaten