Submitting Projects

Posted: Sun 27 April 2014

Here's a reminder and more details of what you need to do to submit your project.


Submit these two web forms by 11:59pm on Monday, 5 May:

The team submission is a URL that points to a public website (could be your github repo) for your project. My hope is all projects can be released publicly, but if you have some good reason that you don't want your project to be public, you should contact me directly (after submitting the form).

The individual submission includes your self-assessment of the project and of your teammates, as well as feedback questions about the course. If you prefer to answer the feedback questions anonymously, you can submit them separately, filling in the top part of the form with pseudonyms and just submitting the feedback questions.

The deadline is extended beyond the last day of class to give teams a chance to make more progress if useful, but if you are finished earlier, please submit them earlier. If you submit it earlier, you should receive your final grade shortly after submitting both forms.

If your team did a presentation in class and you are satisfied with how you've done on the project and in the class, there is nothing else to do.


If you did not present in class, you either should have a demo already scheduled with me or will submit a formal report.

If you selected to do a demo, you should have received email from me to schedule that. If not, contact me right away to schedule the demo.

If you selected to submit a formal report, you should email me a PDF file for your report by 11:59pm on Tuesday, 29 April. This report should include a clear description of your project, explanation of why you are doing it and how it compares to previous efforts, description of your design and justification for the design decisions you made, description of what you did, and a evaluation that explains how you tested your project and presents the results. There are no length requirements for this report, and in general shorter writing is always better than longer. I would expect it to not be longer than 12 typically-formatted (single-spaced) pages or shorter than 5, but if you can provide a good report with less space or need more to get across what you did that is fine.

Note that you can still submit the final forms by Monday, 5 May, but need to submit the report by 29 April. If your project is finished, you should also submit the web forms on 29 April. If not, you still need to submit the report on 29 April, but can include a section on current status and planned completion that explains what you have done so far, what you expect to finish before the final deadline, and your plan for completing it.

Exam Option

Everyone has the option to also submit a final exam, which will be posted after class on April 29 (by 7pm), and due by 11:59pm on Friday, 2 May.

The exam is your last chance to convince me you have gotten what I hope you did out of the class. You should do the exam if you feel your project does not adequately reflect your understanding and accomplishments. Note that the exam can influence your grade either positively or negatively, so you should only submit an exam if you have put sufficient effort into it to believe your answers will reflect positively on what you have learned in the class.