Submitting PS2

Posted: Sat 08 February 2014

Here are the details on how to submit Problem Set 2. Please read and follow them carefully!

Steps 1-3 should be done as a team (each team submits one response together). Step 4 is done individually.

  1. Submit your repository to the autograder. You will need to login using Persona (this can be done with any email address, but for-credit students should use their [email protected] address for it). You may submit your repo to the autograder as many times as you want; the only submission that counts for grading is the last submission you make before the deadline.

  2. Once you are satisfied with the results from the autograder, you should add a tag on your code repository with a version number, and check the corresponding URL still passes the autograder. Then, submit the submission form.

  3. Schedule a demo at which you will present your (hopefully working!) gash shell to one of the course staff and answer questions about how you did it. You should be ready at the scheduled demo time with your code loaded in your favorite editor and your shell ready to run. Both team members are expected to be able to answer questions about how you implemented your shell at the demos.

  4. Within 24 hours of finishing your demo, each team member shoud invidually submit the PS2 Assessment Form. Everyone should have submitted this form by Saturday, 15 February, but you should submit it shortly after your demo while things are fresh in your mind.