Posted: Sun 09 February 2014

Autograder: We believe the autograder for Problem Set 2 is mostly working, but its the first time it is being used, so there may be some issues. If you are confident your code is working correctly and you are able to correctly execute the tested cases locally, don't be too stressed if your code is failing with the autograder. You will have an opportunity at the demos to show any test cases where your code fails the autograder, and if you can successfully demonstrate what the test was intended to test at the demo, you won't lose any credit for failing the autograder test. (Do let us know, though, if you encounter unexpected behavior with the autograder. We hope to have better diagnostic messages working in the responses for the next assignment.)

Videos: The videos for Class 5: Gash Has No Privileges (including the psychedelic gash demo) and Class 6: Making a Process (Virtualizing Memory) are now available and posted in the class notes.