Class 2: Getting Rustified

Posted: Thu 16 January 2014

The goal for today is to get everyone set up to run Rust and started with some simple programs. The TAs will be going around to help, and you should also help out your classmates (and get help from them). By the end of class today, we hope everyone will have completed part 1 of the Rust tutorial. You can also use IRC to request and provide help electronically.

If you are stuck waiting for help (or for a build/download to finish), you should post a comment for the Class 1 discussion question.

By 4:59pm on Sunday, you should also submit Problem Set 0 which includes completing the Rust tutorial and course registration survey.

Setting up Rust

Setup Rust on your computer by either:

  • Installing VirtualBox following these directions. (This should work for everyone. It takes a long time to download so get started early. This is the simplest way to get started, but can be a bit slow and klunky.)

  • Setting up Rust to run natively on your machine, following these directions. If you are running Mac OS X or Linux, this is probably the best option. There is a native Windows version of Rust also, but it requires quite a bit of effort to set up.

  • Setting up an Amazon EC2 instance for running Rust following these directions.

Getting Started

Go through Part 1 of the Rust Tutorial (written by Alex Lamana and Wil Thomason). You should be able to do the programming exercise at the of Part 1.