Class 24: Project Presentations

Posted: Tue 29 April 2014

Optional (for most of your) Final Exam (due at 11:59pm on Friday, 2 May). See Submitting Projects for details on the final.

Project Presentations

  1. Chris Grochmal, Audrey Choi, Mark Valieras, Tommy Curley, Maggie Orr
  2. Anat Gilboa, Jyotiska Biswas, Michael Recacinas
  3. Man Wang, Hangchen Qu, Zihao Wang
  4. Brian Uosseph, Raymond Vargas
  5. Patrick Ryan, Dan O'Connor, David Laden
  6. Piyapath Siratarnsophon, Kamonphop Srisopha, Peeratham Techapalokul, Phanwadee Sinthong
  7. James Wang, Mitchell Smith
  8. Megan Kelly, Rainier Rabena
  9. Muntaser Ahmed, Andrew Becker, Gautam Kanumuru
  10. Andy Barron, Christine Danzi, Ami Jagodara, Alex Kuck
  11. Jacob Baldwin, Stephen Boris, Garrett Durig, Karen Pan
  12. Alex Looney, Ankit Gupta, Michael Paris, Babak Pourkazemi
  13. Justin Ingram, Vikram Bhasin, Alex Aberman, Justin Dao
  14. Britton Vermaaten

Final Submissions

See Submitting Projects for details.

Everyone should submit these two web forms by 11:59pm on Monday, 5 May:

Earlier is better if you are ready.

Final Thoughts

From Peter Norvig's Keynote Address at the U.C. Berkeley Computer Science Commencement, 21 May 2006.

So my advice to you is to pick one of the 10,000 categories, or invent category number 10,001, and make some progress in it. Pick problems that are ambitious enough that your expected value over the next 20 years is at least your $3.4M/yr share. But worry about the value you produce, not just the money. America's first great scientist, Ben Franklin, said "we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours". So be happy and productive, don't be evil, and be glad of an opportunity to serve others.

If you enjoyed this class, you may want to take my cs6501: Course to be Determined class in the fall.

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